This blog deals with my international charity activity and my book "Anorexia- to be caught and survive..." what is dedicated to all girls, what appeared in the trap of ANOREXIA, and to their close people who want to help them to pass this hard period of life....


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International Charity Project "ANTI-ANA-MIA"


Documentary about tablets in psychological diseases treatment.

Documentary about tablets in psychological diseases treatment

Article and video about me

This article was translated into English from a Ukrainian women`s magazine "Edinstvenaya" 07.07.2010

This is a video from a TV program what has been shown 14 - of May - 2010 at one of the Ukrainian TV channel TRC "Ukraine".


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tatiana - you have a lovely blog, and thank you for sharing the video with your interview - I just watched the whole thing.
If you could look at my blog and click the link at the top that says 'the purpose' and send something in, that would be great - I want to have my blog focused on other people and what they love about themselves, and about the beauty they see in everyday life. I would be honoured to post something about you. And if you are interested please tell other people about it!
Thank you, praying for you, God is madly in love with you just the way you are - be yourself and do not ever change!!
- syd <3

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Shortly about my book...

This book is written in a very light way for reading like a fiction based on a real life story of the Ukrainian girl from a little town who has been caught by cruel disease- anorexia. Reading this book you will find out how everything began and what circumstances has led to such a serious consequence. You will be plunged into the breathtaking world of different real events and stunning cogitations what will catch you and make you to be lost in meditations… you will find out not only the mechanism of anorexia leverage, you will learn life infinite wisdom what is useful for any person of any age. Moreover, you will receive the priceless advices how to fight anorexia either if you suffer from it or if you are a close person of such a girl. This book is useful for every person who is under the power of any fears and addictions and who wants to change his life for better, who wants to become the owner of his life, who wants to be happy! You will learn how to reach harmony in your heart and how to be strong enough for to resist any difficulties and problems on your life way reaching all your goals!